When I was Little


I was born little

Into a meloncholy world

And stayed that way

For a while

That’s when

The louder ones


Their noises

Made me smaller

This made them smile

And that’s when

The games started


It was all at once

Or sometimes

They took turns

The girl noise

Taught me to hate


By forcing then

To be my favoirte

Even with

My mouth shut

She was the one

With the fist

That waved in my face

In warning

And punched it into

My stomach


The boy noises

Tricked me

Into saying

Ugly words

And into cutting

My hair

Like a dog

Even worse

I was made

To remove my innocence

To stand there


Without it

So I played



With sun

Who warmed my fears

Which turned them into strength

My toys

Who played out

Only softness and love

My dog

Who I used

My voice on

To make her feel


I am sorry

I made you shiver

I loved you

So if you wonder

Why I am quiet

Or why I still love toys

And why I exercise

Every muscle

And why I have

Forgiven the tomatoes

It’s not because

I am broken or scared

It is my way

Of giving a voice

To the little girl

Who no longer

Is little

Yet living

Quite happily


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