box2I have come to
This place by choice
Of someone else
Why would they
Choose this for me
Bore a hole
And shove me in
Take my wings
Cut ties to my dreams
Turn of all light
And fill the box with
Soon I became
So close to nothing
That I had almost
Lost myself completely
Until I realized
They left behind
One thing
That lies very deep
Within me
I even had a difficult
Time finding it
But luckily
It was also
Looking for me
This little light
Of thought
Was first just a flicker
Then with every bit
Of hope I could feed it
It grew
Into a flame
So large
I could no longer
Contain it
It ended up
Filling the box
Calming the screams
And helped build up
The once destroyed dreams
So see
A new world
A different reality
Is just one positive
Thought away
So link a few
And you’ll soon have
Your freedom


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