And then…


“And then
I big chunk of wind
Fell from the sky
Just like that
And it just so happens
To have landed on top
Of an old lady named Jane
She fainted but didn’t die
and it was a good thing
Because the very next day
She was interviewed by
The local weather channel
And would you believe
Her long lost dog groomer
Saw her, looked up her address
And they were reunited
The very next day.”

“Why is this such a good thing?”

“Her dog has a very bad cowlick that the kids in the neighborhood tease him for. Her old dog groomer specializes in Cowlick de-restoration.”




Tell them stories

littleGiraffe’s like stories
Very tall Tales
Of flying ships
And skipping whales
Stories of aliens
Eating space bars
And elephants in taxis
Racing shooting stars
So tell them stories
To stretch their mind
And before you know it
It will be their bedtime
They’ll dream very deep
Down to the ocean blue
And if you’re lucky
You’ll make the trip too